Staines Training Camp '05

Day 1 -Tuesday
Day 4 -Friday
Staines Common Run by Ben Cantlay
It was about say 7:30am when Chris had gotten us up for our morning run.
He gave us 5 minutes to get our running stuff on and get to the front door but not
naming any names (Steven Donnelly and some girls) made us do two extra laps around
about the 700-900 meters per lap field. As we started up everybody went on their jogging
speed except me (Ben Cantlay) Jamie Ollerhead and Steven Cross, Jamie was feeling sick
the night before and didn’t feel well that morning so good excuse really, then there’s me
I had done the Virginia waters run in 39 minutes I came third (go me) and I had pulled a
muscle or somehow stretched it while doing that run so my leg felt bad that’s my excuse,
now Steven had none he just thought “why should I run when these two are not” well he
ran after the first 50 meters lol.

Me and Jamie get half-way round where Chris is standing and Jamie is ok with his excuse but Chris still made me run with my leg and said if I didn’t catch up Lindsey I would have to do another lap so I had to run and I did get past Lindsey, and then I met up with Eve and Duncan. ME, Eve and Duncan are running fine when we met Chris (on the second lap) he got Duncan running again then me and Eve were jogging at a bit of a pace then we decided to walk again at the beginning of the third lap and then about another 50 meters we were running again and we kept that pace going for the last lap and that was that my leg felt like giving up, my heart was racing and I was really hungry and ready for breakfast.
Well, everyone woke up late, feeling knackered. Chris let us all lie in, but then told us we had to be ready in 5 minutes to go. Thanks to a select few, we ended up with the dilemma of either having to do a bleep test when we'd finished (and we all hate them), or doing 3 laps.

We all got back, feeling knackered still. Having breakfast seemed to perk up most people's moods (mine at least) and we all got ready to leave. Everyone left at least one thing behind, I'm sure.

Once on the minibus, everyone went into "I'm gonna stare out the window and look like I'm dead" mode. Everyone slept (well, not Anne obviously) and a deathly quiet fell upon the minibus, all that was audible was Anne's music (can it be called that?) and the noise of the engine.

Upon arriving at the service station, everyone had something to eat and drank some nice watered down coke. Everyone took advantage of some sweet tubs in order to get a quick sugar fix, especially Duncan, "Oh, that's what the fill line is for!"

Now that everyone was boosted up on sugar, the rest of the trip was a merry affair. People stopped being dead and joined the world of living. People talked, people spilt sweets. Duncan wet himself, got some on Jade's leg and my hand (well, okay, it was just water that I poured onto him, but it looked the same).

When we all arrived, 'twas quite an anti-climax. Everyone just stood around waiting for someone to pick them up/Chris to take them to his house (where apparently his dog had a fit and everyone got really worried). Vikki gave me some sweets, but then Jade tried to steal them, after a long kerfuffle I emerged victorious, but then she spat on me :O.
The Last day by Sam Campbell
Day 2 -Wednesday
Day 3 -Thursday
Day 1 -Tuesday
Day 2 -Wednesday
Day 3 -Thursday
Contrary to how it looks, I am not in fact pooing myself. I had heard a noise and was bracing myself for an attack *rolls eyes and hopes everyone believes him*