Staines Training Camp '05

Twenty Four people, including Chris and Anne, went on a hard and tiring training week for 4 days to Staines, Surrey. The week consisted of hard training and lots of fun.

Here you can find an account of the trip by everyone who went, each person giving their views on a different section of the week. There are also some pictures which were taken during the week.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this page.

Below is the reports from the first day of the trip. To see the rest of the reports and photos please choose the day you want to view. You can see more photos on our photo album.
Day 1 -Tuesday
The First Day by Duncan Swiffen
We all waited, as usual, for Chris to turn up- whoís always late!
But finally, when he did, we all clambered into the minibus or into Chrisí car; I went in the minibus, so I have no idea what happened in the car!
But in the minibus, Jade and Hannah tried clawing my arms off, and I took loads of funny pictures of everyone!!
Anne was driving the minibus- and she went on the hard shoulder a couple of times (it was actually only once but I like to exaggerate) and every1 screamed (really)!
There was a misunderstanding when Eve said I looked A WRECK!!!
But after all that (and more, that Iíve just forgotten about) we had to go for a run around Stains Common (I think it was called that anyway)! That was all very fun!!!!!!!!!!
Day 2 -Wednesday
Day 3 -Thursday
Day 4 -Friday
Day 2 -Wednesday
Day 3 -Thursday
Day 4 -Friday
After nearly five hours travelling most of us were very tired and just wanted to go to bed but we couldnít as we had judo to do that night. There were two sessions both lasting one and a half hours. Some people had to do both sessions, the ones that didnít had to on another night.
In the first session there were some very small people and some taller people too. Chris took the first session teaching mostly groundwork using Sarah, Shaun, Jamie M and me as dummies. The session was helpful and it was fun to train with different people.

In the second session there was everyone from Wirral and about four more people from Staines taking part. Gary took this lesson doing mostly standing work. The lesson was enjoyable and everyone learned something new. After the judo we did the bleep test and everyone had to beat the level that they had achieved in a training day.
Judo at Staines By Laura Barlow