Staines Training Camp '05

Thorpe Park by Hannah Davies
On our 3rd day since arriving in Staines we were all looking forward to testing
the thrills of Thorpe Park!! With rides such as ‘tidal wave’ and ‘the samurai’
we had a wide range of rides to go on. I and 10 other people explored
Thorpe park one ride at a time going in no particular order. First we rode
‘the samurai’. This ride certainly got us going after an extra half an hour
wait we eventually got to go on. I said ‘this ride certainly got us going’
because when we got off we were all extremely hyper!!!

Next we headed for ‘tidal wave’. We all got very excited because you got very
wet on this ride!!! The ride assistant was very friendly and as we pulled back
into the station and as we were very hyper still, we screamed ……… then she
screamed back…….. Then we screamed back……..and so on!!! When we got off and walked away she shouted ‘when I say tidal you say wave……..tidal…’ ‘Wave!!!!!!!!!’ I shouted back……..on my own!!!

After ‘tidal wave’ we went to see ‘pirates 4d’. We all got goofy 4d glasses and went in to see the short film. After the film we were supposed to hand the glasses back in…………but one naughty chicken (mentioning no names …… jade!!!) did not!!! Next we went on ‘the tea cups’. You might think this is a kind of baby ride but with the right type of people it can be really fun. As we were all hyped up we went rather mental on this ride and after about two minutes unfortunately we were kicked off!!! Apparently we were screaming to loud and ruining the ride for everybody else!!!

After the cups we went to lunch and met up with every body else. After lunch we decided seen as we liked the film so much we would go and see it again!!! But this time that naughty little chicken returned the goofy glasses!!! We’re all very proud of her!!! After the film I met up with some other people from our club and we queued up for ‘colossus’. Although it was a long wait it was well worth it!!! After this ride we had no time to go on any more so made our way back to the entrance. I had so much fun, I enjoyed every minute of it!!!
Day 3 -Thursday
Day 2 -Wednesday
Day 1 -Tuesday
Day 4 -Friday
Day 2 -Wednesday
Day 1 -Tuesday
Day 4 -Friday
Thorpe Park by Lindsey Donnelly
I went to Thorpe Park in London and I had a good time and if you went you will have a great time too.

I went down with Wirral Judo Club and it was worth driving down to go to Thorpe Park. The rides I went on was a ride called No Way Out. I went on it with Chelsea, Vikki and Charlotte. The ride went down backwards and every so often it would stop.

After that I went on the rapids with Laura, Lisle and Sarah. The rapids are were your in a boat in a shape of a circle and your in water and you spin round and sometimes you get soaked.

At the very end I went on the tidal wave with Chelsea, Steven Cross and Ian my brother. The tidal wave is like a log flume but you get more soaked.
On the way back travelling "home" from a hard session (not that I would know) we stopped
at Tesco so that Chris could buy some nice, expensive food, (all £3.19 of it). The minibus
was worrying rocking from side to side, as Jamie pointed out from Chris's car. I went to
investigate but Matt and Vikki denied all accusations. 

When we got back we all settled down for a quiet night...........ha ha, sure. Upstairs Eve
was back on pizza duty, feeding all of those hard-worked well as Anne and
Chris. As there wasn't enough pizza to feed everyone, Phil and Eve set to work making toast.
They soon figured out how to break the cooker, meaning only a few pieces of bread could
be done at a time. They decided not to make toast, but crackers, as the toast didn't work
too well.

Downstairs people were playing pool. (Correction, Chris was kicking everyone in at pool).
Jamie was feeling ill, so he was asleep whilst Hannah played with his hair. In general people
were feeling ill, and the mood was pretty quiet. At one point everyone was going to play
"worms", but no game materialised. Upstairs we all settles down to watch "Boogeyman",
(because we didn't have a pirate version.......). Phil managed to scare Charlotte, although
that wasn't exactly hard, but she wouldn't shut up about it afterwards. Chris and Eve carried
on with their ongoing pillow fight, which resulted in Eve losing (incredibly badly). This was all at around 1:30 in the morning!!

After a looooooong goodbye from Phil, we all got sent to bed the evil bed-sended that is Chris. We all settled down to a (or words to that effect) to have a peaceful night's sleep......a few hours before the lovely run the next day

This was probably the best night of them all, as we had no worries about any hard work the next day! Everyone was relaxed and fun (although this may have been due to exhaustion amongst other things), even though a few people felt very ill. Thanks to Eve and Phil for the nice crackers too!!
The Last Night by Jade Atkinson
On Thursday we all went to Virginia waters, which is a huge lake, where we have a run, which is about 4 and a quarter miles. We all tried to get a good time coz we wanted to do better than last year.

When we started everyone went quite fast and we were all in a massive group with Lindsey Donnelly setting the pace!! When we went round the first corner people went ahead and the pack broke up and people started to slow down coz they had obviously gone too fast at the start(Lindsey).
Loads of people were doing really well at about half way round and there was still a group of 7 with Jade, Sam, me, Luke, Callum, Matt and Dunx.

Eventually we came to the bridge and when we were crossing it we could still see some of the girls running on the other side of the lake, ha. The first ones in got 33 minutes, which was 2 minutes better than last year. Everyone did really well and some people unlike last year did not get lost.
Virginia Waters by Shaun Egan