Staines Training Camp '05

On the Wednesday of the trip we went to Box Hill near Reigate to do a run. We split into two groups and it was kind of a race between them. The run was 1.8 miles but it was harder because it was all up hill.

We all ran off up the road and as we got to the bottom of the hill we found it was quite misty. The two groups that we were in soon split themselves up into smaller groups of different running abilities.
Not long after we had started we had already found a casualty, Sarah wasn't able to run much further because she couldn't breathe very well. So Jade phoned Chris and he came and picked her up.

Because of the mist, the people at the front set up a system of when a car was coming they would shout 'CAR!' and it would be passed along the line, so that everyone was warned, and it worked, so we were all safe from getting run over.
My group carried on running up the hill after Chris had come and gone and we realised that we were with Charlotte and Charlotte was in the other team, we were team two and she was the only one from team one with us. As long as we had Charlotte, team one couldn't win, so we kept her at the back as a hostage and then at the end we would sprint to the end and leave her behind so we would win.
Sadly my plan didn't work and at the last minute Charlotte overtook Eve and we lost, but both teams had to run back down the hill.

When everyone started off running down the hill a small group of us were left at the back because we were too tired to run, but luckily, just as we started, me and Ben heard a loud !CLUNK!, we turned around to see the rest of the small group we were with climbing into the minibus. So I ran back and jumped in, but Ben was still running so I told Anne to drive and I held the door open. As we drove past Ben, I grabbed him and helped him in. 
We all had to lie down so no one would see us, but we had to stay at the back of everyone so that we were there in case anyone got hurt. Richie and Lindsey were in front of the minibus so Anne had to drive slowly. But little did we know, we didn't have to hide because everyone at the front already knew; some woman that we had seen drive past in a green car had got to the front, wound down the window and said, 'do you know, all your mates are getting a lift in the van back there?' but they just said 'err, yeah, so she would go away.

We eventually got near to the bottom and Anne said we had to get out and run from where we were, so we did. We ran all the way back to the car park, well walked all the way back to the car park and then we went off to swimming.
Day 1 -Tuesday
Box Hill by Luke Fazakerley
Laser Quest by Lisle Taylor
On arrival to Laser Quest most people were excited and were thinking of nicknames to have during the game. Examples included: Barbie, Scooby-Doo, Terminator e.t.c and of course Dr.Evil (Chris!)

Before you actually played the game, you had to wear special gear on which there were sensors on the front, back and shoulders, so you could tell when someone shoots you with their laser gun. 

When playing the game, you entered this big room which was quite dark and immediately everyone spread out to find a hiding place- I wasn't very good at that (hence earning the rank of cannon fodder!) As you looked around all you could see were little red and green lights on peoples shoulders and the red laser beams coming from the guns. We had two games where you could go around on your own and one game where you were in a team. I did better on the team game, yet my team still came last! 

In between games we could have a look around the arcade, and spend some money!  All in all this was a good day, so thanks to Chris and Anne for taking us there.
Swimming by Steven Donnelly
Laser Quest by Eve McQuade
After the nasty run Chris put us through going up box hill we had the chance to go to laser quest. We had three games booked and some of us had never done it before, but we all went in for the first game which I won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lol. Anyway the second game we had was a team game. My team lost this game and this time Chris came first with the most points-it was war!!!!!

The third game was for yourself and I tried as hard as poss and shot everyone who came in my path. As we came out I found out that I had won AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he he he
Anyway everyone really enjoyed it and it was really really fun! Especially when I won!!!!!
Sovereign Judo Club by Jamie Ollerhead
On Wednesday we went along to Sovereign Judo club. The coaches that were there were Gary, Chris and Anne. There were two sessions one for juniors and one for seniors. On the first session Gary took it and he worked us quite hard but not as hard as Chris. At first we ran around the edge of the mat then brakefalls and so on. After that there was some fitness work then Randori. The session was quite hard but he didn't push us to hard.

On the second session Chris took it and it was sort of the same, we ran around the edge then we did the brakefalls and what we do at the club. We did some technique work after that we had some nei-wazza Randori followed by standing Randori. I thought that Wednesday was a successful day for me.
On Wednesday, we all went to Coral reef fun pool. It had slides, Jacuzzi's,  fountains and so on. While several members of our judo club were relaxing  in the Jacuzzi, including me, the finest looking girl ever caught our eyes. She was 5 foot 9, blonde, blue eyes, 34c [this I know ]. However, I didn't  catch her name. But im guessing her name would be something like... err....  Rachael!!!!!. Yes that's it Rachael. She was wearing a really sexy turquoise  bikini.

I had got the urge to use my charm and sex appeal, to invite her in the  Jacuzzi with Me, Callum and Ben. I left the Jacuzzi and started to follow  her so I could pick the right moment to Woo her. Ben and Chris started  following to watch me, but they were going to ruin my style so I told them  to go away and don't put her off. I got her on her own and said; " would you  like to join me and my friends in the Jacuzzi? ". She was; sexy, fit,  gorgeous, attractive, appealing, easy on the eye, eye candy, tidy, neat,  beautiful, a goddess, smooth, and clean, and nice, and you get the idea by  now.

Just as I asked her to join us, she looked at me, and im not messing, she  gave a cheeky flirtatious smile, then looked at the Jacuzzi. Ben and Callum  were standing and shouting "go on ste" and both had cheesy but scary  grins. This obviously put her off and she said "Na, your allright " and  she went then. If Callum and Ben weren't so scary, then im positive that  she would have been around my arm in the Jacuzzi. Ben and Callum laughed at  me, but at least I had the guts to approach her and ask her.

This event, earned me the nick name " Stalker Steve " but I promise you all  that im not a crazy disillusioned psychopathic stalker. Oh and by the way,  the swimming was ok itself, with the slides and all. I got told off for  climbing up the pirate ship. The slides I disliked though, on the way down  I got a friction burn on my bum, and there is no room to get out at the  bottom. The Jacuzzi was the best though, just sitting there relaxing after  all the running and judo we had done. The pool had currents, which are fun,  slightly annoying when you cant get out though. The fountains were fun, the  pressure was invigorating and refreshing, but in the end I got a headache.

The food in the cafeteria was really scrumptious. Anne and Chris took the "healthy food" option and had a big plate of chips and other stuff, while  most people ordered cheeseburger and chips.
We all enjoyed the swimming, " flirting"; , and the food. Oh, and we  enjoyed the cool hairdryers, they were like super cool hairdryers, we all  look forward to going again. Thanks to Chris and Anne for taking us all.
Day 2 -Wednesday
Day 3 -Thursday
Day 4 -Friday
Day 1 -Tuesday
Day 3 -Thursday
Day 4 -Friday
Almost every day we had to get up at half past six! Then go running! We all went up Box Hill, but were split into two teams and the winning team got a box of choccies!

I was running with Sarah, when she said she couldn't breath, Jade came down and phoned Chris so a big bunch of us started to walk up.

Chris picked Sarah up in the car and drove her to the top, then it dawned on me, that it depended on me whether we won or lost. I was the only person left on my team! So I ran for it, but they caught me and I was forced to walk with: Jade, Eve, Luke, Jamie and Laura who were all on the opposite team.

Any way, we won! On the way down was funny, Anne gave us a lift, so we just sat in the van, whilst everyone else had to run.
Box Hill by Charlotte Wright
Sovereign Judo Club by Vikki McKay
On Wednesday night we went to Sovereign judo club to train with some good judo players!
The first session started at 6.15 and finished at 7.30. 13 people from the Wirral judo club went on to that class and did extremely well. We started by doing some simple techniques and seemed to grasp them quite easily. We then did some Randori for half-an-hour.

The second session started at 7.30 and finished at 9.00. More people went on that mat as most of us were older so had a good workout. Chris took this mat, their were a lot of higher grades and were mostly seniors. We did a good long warm-up first then we did technique (throws mostly) and at the end we did a lot of HARD Randori with the higher grades.
We learnt a lot from our training at Sovereign judo club and everyone tried their hardest!
Way back from Sovereign Judo Club by Charlotte Wright
We all had a hard training session at sovereign judo club. But the best part for most of us, was on the way back. It was the cutest thing ever!

Vikki and Matty had been told for ages that they liked each other. But after denying it for all this time they both admitted it to me, that they liked each other. (I am so proud!) So we were all so pleased when we saw them cuddling!

On the way there, they had a 'wedding' (I was the brides maid) but Matty refused to kiss the bride! Nevermind, they cuddled instead. Matty's arm was put around Vikki, then he kept it there! awww, bless!