Germany Visit 2007

Whilst we were in germany, on the Saturday, we went to the swimming pool in a town called Celle. We spent about four hours there.

The swimming compex was relay big; it had two diving boards and two big pools. There were lots of slides, which were good fun. Two of the slides were inside, although with one of them you ended up in several little pools outside, and then finished inside. There were also two slides outside and an outdoor pool. It was quite a warm day so being out side in the pools was ok.

I think all of the group spent most of their time on the slides and nearly everybody had atleast one go on the diving boards.

Everybody had a great time. 

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Our visit to the swimming pool

Germany Trip Review by Charlotte Wright

As club captain, I have been forced to write a lovely overall review of the Germany trip.

Well, I thought that Germany was going to be a horrible boring training camp where a lot of time and effort would be required, and for lazy people like myself, that is not a good thing. But out of the whole week, there was only two things I personally disliked.

We arrived and were taken to our families, I donít know about the others, but me and izzy were KNACKERED!!!!!!

The training of course, were three two hour sessions, not too early in the morning so we were all alive when we got there and the club worked hard training with people we usually wouldnít work with [of course]. It was at these training sessions that most of us discovered that bottled water in Germany was FIZZY =0 

Well yeahh, after the sessions, we did various activities, like the first day, went swimming,. I couldnít go so Iím not the best for giving the write up. But me and Anne went round the town!! :]

So then day number two, after training, we went back to Ronjaís, (whoís house izzy and me were staying in) and got changed and stuffs, so then went to a medieval fair, where Tim and I got served for beer, for the adults OF COURSE!!

Yeahh the day after, was tree trek, this was like an obstacle course in the tree tops! Well I was so scared of heights, and me and izzy were joined at the hip, well my hip, her shoulder J.So Charlie the scaredy cat, izzy the druggy brave J and Petey the abnormal :D went with Chris. And it was great. I didnít get too scared either which was a bonus.

So then the day after, we had to get up early to go to Heide park. For those of you who donít know, Heide park is basically a German Thorpe park. It was an amazing day and we all had a fun time.

So then the next day, our German hosts went to school, and youíll never guess who went with them! US!! Iím not too sure about everyone else, but the humiliation was unspeakable for me and izzy. The stares we got were terrible and in their German class, we got given English work to do, which of course we couldnít complete, because we found it too hard. We were livid.  Of course, there was one person who definitely didnít enjoy school, Alex. Now clever Alex, didnít go to school as he decided to sleep in!

So after the 1st two lessons, we go to meet Chris and Anne and the other people  who actually went to school! And we went to the mission house, which was so boring I almost fell asleep. At least they tried to amuse us. But sadly Chris and Anneís hot streak was cooling down L

Well after the boring mission house, we went shopping, so my mood of course, changed again J

So after our shopping, it was time for us to go to the airport : (
Sadly, we boarded the plane and cried as we missed our family.

Izzy and I canít wait until next year when we see ronja again and her family the year after

All in all, thank you Chris, Anne and our German family.

Love youu xx


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On the last day the German children had to go back to school after there two day holiday, so we all went to our host childrenís school. Well most of us Alex and Andy decided to have a lie in. There was a wide variety of different lessons that we went to. Including Latin, German, English, French, maths, and music. Although we were in different classes in different schools there was common factor, we didnít understand a word. Some of us took part in the lesson by doing a work sheet or hitting a plastic tube to make music. Others were just ignored and at the back wondering what was going on. I was one of those people.

There were a few differences from English schools to German schools; firstly there was no uniform in all the schools we visited, the German children could wear what they wanted secondly instead of the children moving from class to class it was the teachers they would all be moving. Also the teachers didnít mind if the children ate, drank, talked or paid no attention, they didnít do any discipline. In the class room I was in it was quite old fashioned there was no TV or computer or even a whiteboard.

Jamie and I were taken to school in the car were we met up with the children we were staying with. I went to Anneís class which was year 11 and Jamie went with Helger which was about year 10. After that we met back at the entrance hall to walk down to the museum.

Maths was first and I thought that I might understand something but they were doing it out of a text book. So I just sat there I got the occasional glance from a German student and then I watched them giggle. I picked that they were doing algebra.


Going to the German schools  by Tim Carter