Germany Visit 2007

Over the Whit half term holiday several members of the club took part in the annual German exchange, and this year was the turn of Wirral Judo Club members to stay with families of Tus- Hermansburg Judo Club members in Germany. The week consisted of hard training and lots of fun.

Here you can find an account of the trip by members  who went, each person giving their views on a different section of the week.
Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this page.

Below is the first set reports from the trip. To see the rest of the reports please choose the next page.
Reports Page 1

Germany Judo Sessions by Adam Derrick

While in Germany we had many different styles of training from the way the Germans are taught (which was a bit different to us, but was enjoyable all the same) to the way we are taught by Chris and Anne.

We started off the first session (with Frank) with a game of basketball, but there were no rules so we could pile on some unlucky person like in a game of rugby. We did many different techniques in ground work and standing work. At the end of the session I felt like it had only been an hour, when it had been an hour and a half.

The next session was with a different person we had not met before. He put some of us under pressure when we had to do the rope climb. We also did some uchicomi down the mat.

The final session was with our coaches and we went over the things we had been learning over the past few weeks back at the club.

Over all the sessions were enjoyable, as well as the whole trip.

Reports Page 2
Reports Page 2

On the Sunday afternoon we went to a medieval festival with all different things to do. In the centre of the park where the festival was held there was a show with knights on horses jousting & performing lots of stunts and attracting a huge crowd. Every where there where stalls selling crossbows and swords so virtually all of us bought something and decided to become The Knights of the Wooden Timmy. But we only got one fight when this random little kid ran up to Tim and attacked him; Alex then tried to step in but he too got beaten up by the 8 year old.

 One of the weird things about the festival was that there were big bath tubs which people got in naked and got bathed by two women. Of course Tim had to say: “Hey there’s two naked women in a bath over there being washed!” and then Jack being Jack went to see if thus was true and of course it was so he ran back shouting “They’re naked!” at the top of his voice. But over all I think the visit to the festival was great.

The Medieval Festival  By Will Carter

German court cases and punishments  By Peter Oldrid

The first court case was between Phil Taylor and Peter Oldrid. This court case happened because Peter had forgotten to remind Phil to take his Ritalin. Peter did plead guilty and accepted his punishment (the 3 no’s).

The 3 no’s:
The 3 no’s is a punishment were Chris is allowed to say no to anything he likes e.g. someone asks please can I go to the toilet, Chris can reply with NO. 

The second court case was with Peter Oldrid (again), Liam Woolfall and Andrew Krska against Adam Derrick. The situation was that Adam got lost.  Peter’s team had said that Adam had walked off on them yet Adam said that Peter’s team had walked off on him. In the end everyone lost but no one got punished. But Peter’s brother put him on the naughty step when Peter got home.

The two barbecues By Izzy

On Monday night we went to the first of 2 barbecues at a huge farm. At first we went on the trampoline and some of us tried (and failed) to ride a unicycle. After that we spent a while running after each other and trying to give each other wedgies. Then a German boy named Heiko (I have no idea how to spell his name) started running after Charlotte saying “give me back my hat!” (Charlotte was wearing a hat she had borrowed of Pete). Heiko wouldn’t stop chasing after her and even though it was funny at first we couldn’t get him to go away. So Charlotte pretended to cry. This actually worked as she was really convincing. Then some of us found a frog, but Will poured coke over it so he had to do 50 press ups.

On Tuesday we had another barbecue, this time at the farm that the family Pete and Phil were staying with owned. The family had a quad bike which most of the Germans were. We sat and talked and watched the Germans play pool. I’m not sure what everyone else did but I think that they were on the quad bike and some people were on trial. Later we met up with everyone and I herd the roomer that me and Tim were doing more than talking while the others were on quad bikes, which I have to point out that it was untrue.

Then some people decided to lock them selves in the toilets and had to do press-ups in the rain.