Westmoorland League- 16/12/06 & 13/01/07

Round  2- 16/12/06:

Gold: Alisdair Wright, James Whorton, Cormac Hayes, Michael Fitzsimmons, Aris Robinson, Will Carter
Silver: Peter Oldrid, Isobel Routledge 
Bronze: Greg Cawthorne
Fourth Place: Lara Hayes, James Quirk

Round 3- 13/01/07:

Gold: Michael Fitzsimmons, Isobel Routledge, Alsidair Wright, Aris Robinson, Jack McKye, Peter Oldrid, Will Carter
Silver: Marcus Trott, Cormac Hayes, Liam Woolfall
Bronze: James Quirk
Fourth Place: Lara Hayes, James Whorton, Adam Derrick

To see photos from the competition please go to the Wirral Judo Club photo site:

 Wirral Judo Club photos