© Wirral Judo Club 2006

Nearly all of the club took part in the end of year Club Championships on 25th November 2006. Once again the hall was full for the finals and medal presentations at the end of the afternoon. Many people stayed for the end of year party afterwards, where there was a bouncy castle, gladiators and sumo wrestling suits.

Below are the results of the competition and the winners of the annual awards.. Well done to everyone who won something.

Wirral Judo Club Championships - 26/11/05
Senior Men 1 Garry Dixon Sam Campbell Dave Maher  
Senior Men  Callum Davies Ben Cantlay Anthony Daly Matthew Anderson
& Advanced Boys Richard Clements Bruce Routledge Duncan Swiffen  
Senior Women Eve McQuade Fiona Wright Jade Atkinson Hannah Davies
& Advanced Girls Sarah Glover Laura Barlow    
Adv Girls  Charlotte Wright Vikki McKay Lisle Taylor  
Adv Boys & Seniors Mathew Fazakerley Jamie Ollerhead Jack Stubbs Luke Fazakerley
Jamie Mercer     
Int. Boys +46kg Alex Clements Joel Hitchcow William Carter Greg Cawthorne
 Jack Moss Jonathon Dixon Andrew Krska
Int. Boys -46kg Liam Hume Matthew Daly Jamie Holleron Adam Derrick
 William Eccles-Durham Patrick McKeag Matthew McGowan Sam Reynolds
Beg. Girls Ellie Oakley Rachel Jones Genevieve Neal Daisy Manning
Int. Boys -38kg Peter Oldrid Phillip Taylor Jack McKye Alisdair Wright
  Lee Harris William Robinson Harley Somerville James Quirk
Mixed Ability Boys Mathew Richardson Liam Woolfall David Jones  
Beg./ Int. Girls Melissa Myers Catherine Neal Kirsty Greenwood Jodie Myers
  Lauren Williams Antoinette Newlove    
Int. Boys -34kg Aris Robinson Michael Fitzsimmons Andrew Morris Daniel Phoenix 
  Gareth Pritchard James Whorton Ryan Birchall Charlie Quinn
Mixed Ability Girls Beth Dalby Lara Hayes Hannah Smith Ashleigh Woolfall
  Sal Mirrlees Anna Jones    
- 8yrs Boys Heavyweight Nial Mitchelson Jason Boland Zack Derrick Rhys Allen
  Jacob Bailey Rhys Jones Rhiari Montieth Steven Simms
- 8yrs Boys Lightweight Joseph Wills Anton Oakley Huw Dalby Jordan Barlow
  Declan Bryant Elliot Montieth Alex Males Josh Quinlan
- 8yrs Featherweight Chema Brown William Oakley Ethan Kirby Aimee Hitchcow
Maddy Howard Eve Soakell Niall Hayes  

Award Winners:

Player of the day:  Male: Aris Robinson    Female- Beth Dolby
Attendance award: Under 8- Niall Mitchelson, Beginner- Greg Cawthorne, Intertermediate- Peter Oldrid, Advanced- Vikki McKay,  Senior- Adele Oldrid
Most Improved: Under 8- Jason Boland, Beginner- Zak Smith, Intertermediate- Isobel Routledge, Advanced- Laura Barlow, Senior- Richard Clements
Best Technique: Jamie Ollerhead
Spirit of Judo: Peter Oldrid

Training Day Awards:
Running (intermediate): Fastest- Harley Somerville, Best effort- Aris Robinson
Running (Advanced): Fastest- Shaun Egan, Best effort- Sarah Glover
Log Turns: Most- Will Carter, Best Effort- Matthew McGowan
Tyre Drag: Fastest- Callum Davies,  Best Effort- Sam Reynolds
Skipping (1min): Most- Eve McQuade,  Best Effort-William Eccles Durham
Hurdles (1min):  Most-Callum Davies,  Best Effort- Cormac Hayes
Rope Pull: Fastest- Callum Davies,  Best Effort- Isobel Routledge
Lateral raises: Most- Luke Fazakerley,  Best Effort- Jack McKye
Sit Ups (bleep test): Best- Peter Oldrid, Best Effort- Alisdair Wright
Shuttles (bleep test): Longest- Shaun Egan,  Best Effort- Alex Clements

Club Captains 2006:
Boys- Jamie Ollerhead, Girls- Vikki McKay, Senior- Matt Fazakerley
Club Captains 2007:
Boys- Antony Daly, Girls- Charlotte Wright, Senior- Matt Fazakerley

Club's first black belt:
Sam Campbell 

Special thanks to:
 -today's table officials: Isobel and Alex
 -administration: Laura
 -work behind the scenes: Fiona
 -our other coaches who do so much for the club: Anne, Andy