Northwest Age Banded Open- 25 & 26/02/06


Day 1- Saturday 25th February 2006

It was clear straight away that this was going be a tough competition.  People had travelled from all over the country to attend. The hall was cold and remained that way all day. Despite this everyone gave it their best. 

 Richard Jarvis, Steve Cross and Matt Fazakerley came to give their support and to weigh in for next day’s competition.  Their first port of call was, of course, the café for bacon butties. 

 First up was Harley Somerville and Peter Oldrid.  This was Harley’s first competition away from home.  He didn’t win his 2 fights but had 2 very experienced opponents.  Peter won 1 and lost 2 but was pleased with his performance.  Both lads got a photo for their trouble. 

 Alex Clements was up next and unusually looked very small against his opponents.  He won 2 and lost 2. 
 Shaun Egan had 2 hard fights, the first being against a cadet.  Even though he looked promising unfortunately the fights went against him. 
 Charlotte Wright had a good first fight then came up against a cadet, and unfortunately just missed out on a bronze medal.
 Laura Barlow won silver in her weight category, and Lisle Taylor had some hard fights.
Luke Fazakerley was next. He won his first well despite a clash of heads and also having our favourite referee.  Unfortunately he lost his next two fights. Finally Phillip Taylor had to wait all day and put up an energetic performance but didn’t win his 2 fights.

Richard and Steve weighed in and checked out the talent in the weighing-in room. 
Thanks also go to our scorers who attended the event, Vikki McKay and Callum Davies.

                                         Report written by Adele Oldrid

Day 2 Sunday 26th February 2006

 The Club was represented by the following players;


Richard Jarvis u50kg, Jamie Ollerhead u50kg, Steven Cross u66kg, Anthony Daley u66kg, Jade Atkinson u57kg, Duncan Swiffen u73kg, Ben Cantlay u73kg, Vikki McKay u48kg


Mathew Fazakerley u55kg, Sam Campbell u90kg, Eve McQuade o78kg

 All the club’s players put in good performances, displaying a high standard of judo. With good gripping, movement and throwing techniques, combined with fitness levels of either equal to or greater than any of their opponents.
Even though National Squad players were competing in all the categories, none of our players appeared to be out their depth.

 Special mentions go to;
Richie for throwing a fellow national squad member for Ippon with a seio-nage / osoto-gari combination that echoed around the hall.
Steven for showing good sportsmanship, by telling the referee that he had been declared the winner of his contest in error.
Eve who being the only u78kg player in her age band agreed to fight in the over 78kg category, and despite being far lighter than her opponents still won bronze medal.

                                        Report written by Andy Fazakerley





Laura Barlow - Bronze
Richard Jarvis - Bronze
Vikki McKay - Bronze
Mathew Fazakerley - Bronze
Eve McQuade - Bronze

Sam Campbell - Silver

                                                       Report Below