North West Closed- 09/09/07
Section AA:

Gold: Lara Hayes
Bronze: Daniel Owen, Christopher Page, David Rankin, Emily Redmond, Ross Smith, Hannah Smith  

Section A:

Gold: Nina Campbell, Michael Fitzsimmons
Alisdair Wright
Bronze: Matthew Daley, Sam Reynolds, Cormac Hayes, Daniel Hughes, Matthew Page
Also entered: Robert Webster, James Whorton, Charlie Quinn

Section B:

Gold: Peter Oldrid, Jack McKye
Silver: Jodie Myers, Aris Robinsion
Bronze: Emily Fitzsimmons, Adam Derrick
Also competed: Lee Harris, James Quirk

Section C:

Gold: Alex Clements
Silver: Luke Fazakerley, Charlotte Wright
Bronze: Sarah Glover, Melissa Myers, Richard Banks, Laura Barlow, Isobel Routledge

Section D:

Gold: Jade Atkinson
Silver: Matt Fazakerley, Callum Davies
Bronze: Jamie Ollerhead, Anthony Daly, Callum Davies (Open)

40 entries, 21 Bronze, 7 Silver, 7 Gold

North West Closed Championships


Every one really fought well. We dont usually get the amount of people who we usually do; we get about half at this competition. The medals I can remember are: Me gold, Aris silver, Pete gold, Adam bronze, Matty silver, Jamie bronze, Jade gold. But I cant remember the littler ones. We all put in our judo that we have trained in the club to this competition mainly for the northwest squad later on in the year. Pete did a really big te guruma on some lad but it didnt score a good throw though :). A good thing was that we didnt have many people from our club in the same weight although unfortunately I had to fight Lee, I always feel bad when we fight people from the same club. I used to be a rival with Pete but as hes a weight higher we dont fight anymore. Overall it was a really good day!!!


 From Jack Mckye