North West Closed- 02/10/05
Section A:

Aris R, Alisdair W, Peter O, Joseph W, Cormac H, Matthew D
(no medallists in this section)

Section B:

Gold: Shaun Egan, Charlotte Wright
Bronze: Laura Barlow, Lisle Taylor, Jamie Mercer, Phillip Taylor, Alex Clements
Also competed: Luke Fazakerley, Sarah Glover, Jason Jackson

Section C:

Gold: Vikki McKay, Richard Jarvis
Silver: Ben Cantlay
Bronze: Jade Atkinson, Hannah Davies, Ant Daly
Also entered: Duncan Swiffen

Section D:

Gold: Eve McQuade, Heather Taylor
Silver: Callum D, Ronnie Morgan
Bronze: Sam Campbell

28 entries, 9 Bronze, 3 Silver, 6 Gold

Wirral players had a good day at the North West Junior Closed. The club had 28 players competing out of which we came away with 18 medals.  Everyone put in good performances with some competing in higher weight categories than usual. Matt Fazakerley also entered, but got his money back as there was no one for him to fight!