Merseyside County Closed - 24th March 2007

Gold: Nina Campbell, Ellie Smith, Michael Fitzsimmons, Alidsair Wright, Greg Cawthorne, Andrew Morris, Cormac Hayes, Lewis Dixon, Charlotte Wright, Jack McKye, Alex Clements, Richard Clements (senior), Gary Dixon (senior), Dave Maher (senior)

Silver: Hannah Smith, Elllie Oakley, Lara Hayes, Beth Dalby, Charlie Collins,Charlie Quinn, David Rankin, Lee Harris, Jack Moss, Ross Smith, Aris Robinson, Peter Oldrid, Matt Anderson (senior), Gareth Lathem (senior), Callum Davies (senior)

Bronze: Beth Dalby, James Whorton, Sam Reynolds, James Quirk, Isobel Routledge, Phillip Taylor, Luke Fazakerley, Liam Woolfall, Adam Derrick, Callum Davies (open)

                                                                      Report Below

The Merseyside closed competition is available to only a small number of clubs, and is age and grade banded, which makes it a good event for our younger competitors.  For the primary school ages, the competition was run as a mini mon, in groups of 4-5 with every one getting a medal.
This does not mean the standard is not high!  Good attacking judo brought its rewards with everyone in this group doing very well.

The older juniors were also grade banded although the small number of entrants meant amalgamating some weight and/or grades.  Again this did not lower the standard. 
Peter Oldrid had an exciting match and only lost in the dying seconds to a well executed seionage, to take the silver medal.
Charlotte Wright had a mixed weight group with only 2 other competitors, both of which she quickly despatched to take the gold.

The rest of the clubs entrants in this category also fought well, with Jack McKye also winning a gold medal.

Then it was the turn of the seniors.
The club entrants were not the usual ‘grown up’ juniors, but all members of the Wednesday adult’s class.  For many it was their first competition.
Special mention must go to Richard Clements, after all 3 in his pool ending on equal points they had to re fight the pool.  Not wishing to re-fight again he won both contests, coming from behind in one to win with a well taken double leg-grab to score ippon. A good advertisement for us more mature players.
Gary Dixon decided that as there was only one opponent for him in the kyu grades he would fight in the 1st kyu & Dan grade competition instead.  This gave him 4 contests.  After winning the first 3, his opponent in the last fight was fellow club member Gareth Lathem also with 3 wins.  A keenly fought contest resulted in an Osekome win for Gary, giving Wirral gold and silver. Dave Maher also got gold and Matthew Anderson got a well deserved silver. 

Well done to all those who took part.

Report by Fiona Wright