Merseyside County Closed incorporating Youth Games - 12th March 2006
Gold: Vikki McKay, Charlie Collins, Gregory Cawthorne,  Luke Fazakerley, Hannah Davies

Silver: Jamie Mercer, Mathew Fazakerley (senior), Eve McQuade (senior), Callum Davies (senior)

Bronze: James Whorton, Isobel Routledge, Jamie Ollerh
ead,  Alex Clements, Hannah Davies (open)

                                                                      Report Below

After a night of heavy snow, many of the roads in Wirral were left inaccessible on the Sunday morning. This resulted in greatly reduced number of Wirral Judo Club players, as they were unable to get to the competition, including Chris who couldn't get out of his drive. Those that did manage to arrive fought well.

It was Charlie and Greg 's first competition, and they fought extremely well, with both winning a bronze medal. James and Isobel also fought well.
Luke and Jamie Ollerhead came up against each other as they were in the same weight category, with Jamie managing to beat Luke with Ippon. However, the result of this weight category came down to the last fight, which Luke successfully won with an Ippon winning hold, resulting in him getting the Gold medal, and Jamie getting the bronze. Had Luke lost these results would have been reversed.
Jamie Mercer fought well against his tough components, and gained the silver medal.
Vikki had a few tough fights, and managed to get gold in her weight.
Alex won his first fight well, but unfortunately was thrown hard on his back in his next.
Hannah won her weight category, and also won a bronze in the open weight, in which she had very hard fights.
Matt was in the lowest weight of the senior category, u66, therefore giving away a lot of weight. There was only one other competitor in his weight however, so only had one fight. He  won the silver medal after unfortunately being throw for Ippon after leading the contest for a couple of minutes.
Eve also only had one fight, resulting in her getting silver.
Callum had two fights, one of which he successfully won, and the other he unluckily lost after leading for most of the contest and then suddenly being thrown for Ippon with just a few seconds left.

Overall everyone fought very well and everyone came away with a medal.