Lakeland Open Championships
- 27th & 28th August 2005
Silver: Charlotte Wright
Thanks to Fiona for writing the following report.

When we found out the Lakeland Open was on bank holiday Sunday, I thought "oh we're staying near Kendal that weekend- do you want to do this Charlotte?" Well she did, until she found out too late no one else was! Obviously no one else went to the Lake District for the bank holiday weekend!!

However, on Sunday it was raining, and it continued to rain all day, so sitting in a sports hall all day turned out to be an ok option!

I'd also entered Alisdair!, (1st non and only previously done a mini-mon). Anyway he was one of the first groups to be called up. Unfortunately for him he was the youngest and the lowest grade in the group, and despite good, attacking performances his opponents greater experience was evident.

Charlotte however has been to a few 'open' events, and her experience showed in the first 2 fights, winning one with a hold-down, and the second with an ouchi-gari for Ippon. Her final contest was against a similarly experienced opponent, who managed a good hip throw to win the contest, leaving Charlotte with the silver medal.

By now the rain had stopped so we had a walk around Kendal and bought celebratory ice creams!