Junction Mini-mon- 20/03/05
Duncan swiffen - gold , Luke Fazakerley - gold , Sarah glover - gold
Charlotte Wright - gold , William carter - gold , Jack mckye - gold
Lindsey Donnelly - silver , Steven Donnelly - gold

Duncan remained on the move, and despite being thrown a few times, he remained confident and got some really good throws in.

charlotte was dominant and was particularly good at counters.

despite Luke being one of the smallest in his group, he remained on the move, and had the speed and pulled off an amazing throw on his end fight.

jack mckye was really good with his grip work, he was pulling the people onto his techniques, and got some good scores off his throws.

Lindsey Donnelly was good with dominating the opponents, she kept them on the move and got some good tai-otoshi's.

William carter had to fight people bigger than him, and his groundwork was impressive, having won a fight or two with hold downs.

Sarah glover was also good at dominating the opponent and pulling them onto her attacks.

Steven Donnelly fought his best in a long time, and I liked my drop

in all, the day was very successful, every one fought well and the success ratio was very high with 21 fights won out of 27 and everyone coming home with either 1st or 2nd place. well done to everyone.  everyone enjoyed enjoyed the day and the competition.

Written by Steven Donnelly