Wirral Judo Club- Grading 10/02/08
With the new grading system having come into place, we held the first of these gradings at Woodchurch on Sunday 20th July 2008.
The new system is focused on a technical system, moving away from competitive gradings. You can find more information now on the BJA technical page and the new syllabus is outlined on the Promotions & Grading page. There is also an FAQ Page to answer some of the questions you might have.
There is also a club copy on the desk.



Junior Grades:
1st mon: Daniel Sait, Andrew Woff, Gregory Manking, Conor Greenwood, Conor Burgess, Elizabeth Moots, Harry Quinn, Thomas McDowell
2nd mon: Niall Mitchelson, Charlotte Trott, Jessica Mahoney, Alannah Buckleton
3rd mon: Gemma Jones, Declan Bryant, Stephen Buntain, Jason Casey, Lauren McKye, Zack Derrick, Jacob Thierry- Simpson, Emily Redmond, Daniel Johnston, Alex Bell, Karl Burgess, Jacob Tomlinson, Bradley Mullin
4th mon: Caitlin Copple, Ashleigh Woolfall, Anton Oakley, Ryan McGeogh, Robert Webster, Mathew Needham, Ben Hsuan, James Edmond, Luke Needham, Nichole Buntain
5th mon     Lara Hayes, Rory Tate
6th mon:     Luke Harvey, James Dixon, Hugh Kinnear, Frank Stoddart,
9th mon:      Ethan Evans, Adam Davies
10th mon:     Nina Campbell
11th mon:     James Quirk
12th mon:     Harley Somerville, Isobel Routledge
13th mon:     Laura Barlow
14th mon:    Peter Oldrid
Senior Grades:    
6th KYU:    Rhodri Williams, Carolyn Routledge
3rd KYU:    Bruce Routledge, Phillip Taylor
2nd KYU:    Jacob Corrin
1st KYU:    Alisdair Kirby
Club grading 20/07/08