Liam: 8th mon (middle orange) to 9th mon (top orange)

Peter Oldrid: 8th mon (middle orange) to 10th mon (bottom green)
Phillip Taylor: 10th mon (bottom green) - no change
Isobell Routledge: 9th mon (top orange) to 11th mon
(middle green)
Jack McKye: 9th (top orange)
to 12th (top green)

Anthony Daly: 15th mon (top blue) to 18th mon (top brown)
Jamie Ollerhead: 16th mon (bottom brown) to 18th mon (top brown)

Richard Clements: 7th Kyu (top orange) - no change

Gary Dixon: 7th Kyu (top orange) to 5th Kyu (top green)

Dave Maher: 6th Kyu (bottom green) to 4th Kyu (bottom blue)
Ben Cantlay: 15th mon (top blue junior) to 3rd Kyu (top blue senior)
Gary Dixon: 5th Kyu (top green) to 3rd Kyu (top blue)

Vikki McKay: 18th mon (top brown junior) to 1st Kyu (top brown senior) plus 40 points towards her 1st Dan.
Callum Davies now has 94 pts towards his 1st Dan.


North west area grading 20/05/07