Well to done to everyone who attended. Congratulations to  Sam Campbell who has become the first member of Wirral Judo Club to get his Black Belt! 


Mathew Richardson: 6th mon (top yellow) to 8th mon (middle orange)

Anthony Daly: 12th mon (top green) to 13th mon (bottom blue)
Charlotte Wright: 11th mon (middle green) to 13th mon (bottom blue)
Jamie Ollerhead: 12th mon (top green) to 14th mon (middle blue)

Vikki McKay: 16th mon (bottom brown) to 17th mon (top brown)

Mathew Anderson:  novice to 8th Kyu (top orange)
Gary Dixon:  novice to 7th Kyu (top orange)

David Maher: 7th Kyu (top orange) to 6th Kyu ( bottom green)

Fiona Wright: 3rd Kyu (top blue) to 2nd Kyu (bottom brown)

Callum Davies now has 34 points towards his 1st dan.
Eve McQuade was at her first grading to try and get her 1st dan. She successfully won 30 points towards it, narrowly missing out on winning her line up.

Sam Campbell: 1st kyu (top brown) to 1st Dan (black belt)
Sam is the first Wirral Judo Club member to get his black belt. He successfully won his line-up, 3 contests consecutively, in the dieing seconds to get his 1st Dan.


North west area grading 19/11/06