BSJA National Individual Championships- 18th February 2006

                                                Silver: Charlotte Wright
                                                Bronze: Richard Jarvis

On Friday night Jamie (me), Vikki, Richie and Charlotte stayed at Chris’s house because we had to be up for a competition the next day. We had to get up for five in the morning!

Jamie an Richie were trying to pump up the blow-up bed but the pump made a funny noise so Jamie was pumping it up and Richie was just sitting there laughing at him ... then me (Vikki) an charlotte had to go to bed 'cos Anne told us too :-(.

I think we all were asleep on the way down to Bath as it only took us three an half hours to get down there. When we got there Charlotte was in the first age band so she had to way in first at 9:00am until 9:30, she made the weight. Next to way in was me, Richie and Vikki from 9:30 until 10:15.

I tried on the test scales and I was 49.9kg and I was fighting under 48kg (I was just a tad to heavy) so I had to try an lose 1.3kg in half an hour, so I got on two of my t-shirts, my jacket, charlottes jacket, Richie's huddy and Jamie's big helly hanson coat and went to go for a run ... so me and Jamie were doing 100 metre sprints then I went to by the pool and was using the practise rope and was doing throws with that then I was skipping ... so I went an dried the sweat off me then went to the scales again. I had lost 0.7kg so I still needed to lose 0.6kg so I got all the jackets back on and went again once I had done all that again I went an dried off again an went back to the scales to see what I weighed this time an I was 48.9kg so I had lost 1kg by sweating. When I weighed in for real I was still 0.2kg over my weight but I think I did really well because I only just got beat in my first fight, won my second and nearly won my last fight for a bronze.

Richie and I were in the same weight group, but Vikki had to go up a weight category. It soon came round to fight and charlotte had two fights and got silver. Richie and I were then called up to fight and Richie fought first then I fought and I had Liam Franklin first fight. I think I lasted about twenty seven seconds, but o well. I was then fighting for bronze and the lad who I was fighting turned in and I counted it the ref called “Ippon”. I was made up but then he gave it the wrong way I wasn’t happy as the ref was so bad. Then Richie was fighting and ended up getting bronze.
Vikki was then called up and she fought well, just like every one else and was in the fight for bronze. She had lasted all fight but then due to another bad decision by the ref she had lost by an Ippon, god no’s how though. O well at least the club came away with one silver and one bronze.

 Written by Jamie Ollerhead and Vikki McKay
Junior Club Captains