British Cadet Open Championships- 06/08/05

Silver: Charlotte Wright = 600 points

Bronze: Richard Jarvis = 400 points


See below for a report about everyone who competed.

On Saturday 6th August the first National Identification event took place at Sheffield E.I.S., one of a few competitions that determines the selection of the National team. Five members of the club competed at the competition, and all fought extremely well.

After an early weigh-in for Age band C, '90 to '91, Richard Jarvis was called up first in the -46kg category. He won his first fight due to his opponent receiving a couple of penalties, and his second fight by an Ippon throw. This meant he was through to the semi-final, but unfortunately got strangled. In his final fight for the bronze medal he held out for 4 minutes and managed to secure a win, earning him 3rd place and 400 points.

Jade Atkinson was also in Age band C and was next to fight. Unfortunately she lost her two fights, but fought very well and made a spectacular bridge escape from a strong hold down.

Luke Fazakerley fought next in band B, '92 to '93, in the -46kg category. He lost his first fight by an Ippon throw resulting in him coming up against Nathanial from Sovereign (near Staines). It was a close contest that lasted the full 3 minutes but in the end Nat won with a Yuko.

Charlotte Wright in the -52kg category, also age band B, was put into one of the two pools of three. She lost her first fight, but by winning the second one  in her pool, went through to the final between the winners of each pool. After a good throw by her opponent she was left with a well deserved silver medal, and 600 points due to getting 2nd place.

The last fighter of the day from our club was Sarah Glover. She was thrown early in her first fight with an Ippon, and due to a nose bleed in her second fight had to pull out of the competition.

By Mathew Fazakerley